how we can work together

The Black Dog Ranch and Cattle Company specializes in three area with respect to breeding Wagyu:

New Wagyu Breeders

We work with ranchers who are new to Wagyu to understand this breed, what the current trends and market conditions are and best genetics to get started with to build a successful program. We have a variety of 100% Fullblood Registered Black and Red/Black bulls and heifers to get started with.

Existing Wagyu Breeders

We work with current Wagyu breeders to offer top quality genetics, Full blood Registered Bulls and Heifers, 100% Black and Red/Blacks to help fill a variety of market needs.  We also have semen and embryos available upon request.

Commercial Cattlemen

We provide the finest 100% Registered Wagyu bulls to commercial cattlemen through our Leasing Program or for sale to help them increase the quality of their existing herds.  We work primarily with Black Angus producers but there are benefits to crossing with many breeds.

Finished Product

Finished Product

The Black Dog Ranch and Cattle Company is located in Weatherford, Texas and is a Fullblood Wagyu breeding operation.  We breed only 100% Fullblood Wagyu cattle.  Our long range mission is to breed and raise the highest quality Fullblood Wagyu’s for breeding purposes.  We accomplish this by utilizing the best possible genetics available.  By continually focusing on top genetics for both bulls and cows we are able to provide the very best Wagyu cattle to ranchers who want to get into either start a Wagyu herd, add to their current herds, or use as a cross with Black Angus or Charolais, for example to develop a high marbling lean consumer product. Because the Black Dog Ranch and Cattle Company is a boutique operation, we can focus on personalized care and management of each Wagyu.  All are grass fed and get no growth hormones or antibiotics in their feed.  Each Wagyu is tracked from birth.